If you have a pet bird that is over-preening or plucking:

  • remember to take him/her to your local Avian Vet to make sure that there isn't a clinical reason for the problem.  
  • If you are looking for solutions to behavioural plucking due to boredom then you will need to look at a three part solution:
  1. PUT UP A BARRIER to prevent your bird reaching the over preened areas.  We can offer Standard Feather Protectors, Back Closure Feather Protectors, Sturdie Birdies, Ponchos and Noodles.
  2. INTRODUCE multiple preening toys into the environment like the Mopsy Preener, Preening rope, Preening pole or Preening doll.
  3. DISTRACT your bird by introducing PUZZLE TOYS to redirect brain activity in a more positive direction. Please pop into our PUZZLE TOY section - we have introductory, intermediate and advanced foragers and puzzle toys to stimulate natural foraging behaviour as well as using the barriers suggested here..

When selecting a Barrier - use this sizing guide to help you choose the right size for your bird.

Macaw (Blue & Gold - Larger) Colossal
Macaw (Green Wing) Colossal
Macaw (Hyacinth) Colossal
Conure (Crimson Bellied) Jr Small
Conure (Green Cheek with a girth of approx. 6") Jr Small
Conure (Maroon Bellied) Jr Small
Starling Jr Small
Conure (Pineapple) Jr. Small
Cockatoo (Greater Sulphur Crested) Jumbo
Cockatoo (Moluccan) Jumbo
Cockatoo (Triton) Jumbo
Conure (Blue Crown) Large
Conure (Mitered) Large
Conure (Nanday) Large
Conure (Patagonian) Large
Dove (Ring Neck, smaller) Large
Indian Ring Neck Large
Jardine Large
Lorie (Rainbow) Large
Macaw (Hahns) Large
Macaw (Red Headed) Large
Macaw (Yellow Collared) Large
Parakeet (Alexandrine) Large
Parakeet (Moustache) Large
Parrot (Hawk-Headed) Large
Pionus Large
Macaw (Blue & Gold) Mammoth
Macaw (Military) Mammoth
Macaw (Scarlet) Mammoth
Caique Medium
Cockatiel (larger with girth = 6.5") Medium
Conure (Sun) Medium
Conure (White Eyed) Medium
Lorie (Smaller) Medium
Lorikeet, Rainbow (Australian) Medium
Lorikeet, Red Collar (Australian) Medium
Quaker Medium
Budgie (American) Petite
Lovebird (Smaller) Petite
Parakeet (American) Petite
Parrotlet Petite
Cockatiel (smaller with girth = 6.25") Small
Conure (Black-Capped) Small
Conure (Dusky) Small
Conure (Half-Moon) Small
Conure (Jenday) Small
Lorikeet, Scaly (Australian) Small
Parrot (Myers) Small
Parrot (Red Bellied) Small
Senegal (African) Small
African Grey (Timneh) Wide
Cockatoo (Goffin) Wide
Conure (Golden) Wide
Dove (Ring Neck, larger) Wide
Macaw (Illigers) Wide
Parrot (Australian King) Wide
Amazon (Lilac Crowned) Wide Plus
Amazon (Panama) Wide Plus
Cockatoo (Bare Eyed) Wide Plus
Cockatoo (Ducorps) Wide Plus
Cockatoo (Rose Breasted - Galah) Wide Plus
Crow Wide Plus
Macaw (Severe) Wide Plus
Cockatoo (Eleonora) X-Large
Cockatoo (Medium Sulphur Crested) X-Large
Cockatoo (Umbrella) X-Large
Bourke Parakeet X-Small
Budgie (English) X-Small
Conure (Fiery Shouldered) X-Small
Lovebird (Most) X-Small
Parakeet (Lineolated) X-Small
Conure (Green Cheek with a girth of approx. 5.5") X-Small Plus
Parakeet (Canary-Winged or BB) X-Small Plus
African Grey (Congo) X-Wide
Amazon X-Wide
Amazon (Yellow Naped) X-Wide
Cockatoo (Citron) X-Wide
Cockatoo (Lesser Sulphur Crested) X-Wide
Eclectus (Solomon Island) X-Wide
Eclectus (Grand) X-Wide Long
Eclectus (Vos Maeri) X-Wide Long
Cameron (African Grey) X-Wide Plus
Eclectus (Red Sided) X-Wide Plus

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