These important staff members make up the team ....

Druss is a Leo.  He is a slightly podgy and loves wild play and fetch. He'll fetch anything. All the time. Drussie is a rescue dog who has some Rottie in his ancestry.  We think he is the spitting image of a Kelpie though – and he certainly has the fetching and catching genes of a Collie- cross!

Drussie is a happy-go-lucky chap who was named after the main character in a series of books authored by the Pet Fairy’s favourite writer – who died the year Drussie was rescued. The Pet Fairy hasn’t met a person yet who doesn’t like Drussie – he’s adorable!  One look into those gorgeous eyes – and you’re ready to do anything he wants! 

Drussie is on our Fetch and Play Toy panel.  His qualifications are that he can play with ANYTHING – even the tiny 1 mm bit of a ball that was left after Bindi chewed his favourite ball to destruction!  If Drussie likes it – your dog is bound to as well!
This is Tinkie.  She joined the Pet Fairy family after we lost Bindi ... when she joined the team she seemed to be ball mad - but she has developed into a food crazy dog ... so she is on our chew toy panel of judges ...
Tinkie was a rescue puppy who has a loving and even-keeled personality - she certainly gives Drussie a run for his money! Several people have said that she seems to have a lot of Mallinois in her - and she is super-speedy and looks like a chocolate bar ... so we think they may be right!
She is full of joy and energy - and is a much loved member of the family.  We're biased - but we really think she'd win a doggie beauty pageant if there was one! 
ollie 014
Ollie is also a rescue.  He is the happiest dog we've ever come across - despite his background.  He lives to tease Drussie and loves nothing more than a cuddle.  He and Tinkie are BFFs already and we're all looking forward to lots of fun and games in the coming years with Ollie!
SPARKYThe newest member to join the team is Sparky.  He was discovered on his way to being thrown away in a rubbish skip. 
Although the rest of the group were very wary of him at first, he and Ollie have become best buds.  He arrived in a terrible state - balding due to mange and what little hair he had left so badly matted it had to be cut out - he's is well on his way to recovery now.  His face and tail look like they have been dipped in black paint and he has the cutest Groucho Marx eyebrows!
Bindi was an Aquarius.  She was a trim 4 year old who loved long walks on the beach at sundown and food.  All food. Any food.  Bindi was a rescue dog who had some Sharpei and some Boerboel in her ancestry.  She inherited the medical problems and single-mindedness of both! Bindi was named after a Koala Bear that the Pet Fairy got to cuddle in the same year she was rescued.

Bindi was on our chew toy panel of judges.  Her qualifications were that she chewed and destroyed, in her early days,  a koi pond (twice), a garden sprinkler system (too many times to count!), a fitted carpet, a leather handbag, several plugs, a Jacuzzi cover and countless dog mats and pillows.

When the Pet Fairy declares a chew toy or treat toy “Bindi proof” – then there’s not too much chance that your dog is going to make a dent in it!
Almost all the chew toys that the Pet Fairy has were personally chew-tested by Bindi.
Sadly, Bindi passed away very unexpectedly in May 2010 after her liver failed without warning.
She was a joy to have around and is much missed by everyone who knew her.

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