What makes Aviator Bird Harnesses so special?

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So our new year's resolution (yes - we know it's already March) was to start answering some of the most common questions we get here at Fairy Central. We are starting with three questions at once. (yes - we are trying to make up for the months we have missed so far)
Question 1: 
Does the Aviator harness come with a leash?
Answer 1: 
Question 2:
Why did we decide to import Aviator Harnesses all the way from America when there are loads of cheaper options available in the South African marketplace?
Answer 2:
This is a great question and our reasoning is pretty simple. Safety first. The Aviator harness has pretty much every safety feature you could hope for:
  • It is a single bit of kit so it is easy to take on or off (less stress for your bird). 
  • It is also incredibly light. A harness for a Giant Eagle Owl only weighs 8 grams - so it is much less invasive for your bird.
  • There is no metal used at all - so no chance of your bird swallowing anything toxic or hard bits digging into skin and causing wounds.
  • It has a fixed V neck so it avoids neck straps slipping over the shoulders and causing wing injuries.
  • Perhaps the most innovative safety feature though is the elasticated inbuilt leash and moving waist clip. Both work together to ensure that if your bird flies to the end of the leash - it won't risk a breastbone break because the elasticated leash absorbs the impact and then slowly pulls the bird back toward you in a gentle arc.
On top of all the safety features - Aviator harnesses ship in loads of lovely colours (the leashes are plain black usually).
The harness is also part of an optional leashing system that includes:
  • Flightlines (a flightline is a run that is pegged into the ground - you attach the harness to it and the bird can fly around along the length of the line).
  • Leash extensions (for free flight training and recall).
Question 3:
Is an Aviator Harness and a Flightsuit the same thing?
Answer 3:
No. The primary use of an Aviator Harness is for security from Flyaways. The primary use of a Flightsuit is for poop protection.
Hopefully - that helps to answer some questions around Aviator Bird Harnesses - feel free to get in touch if you have a burning question that we haven't answered? We will be focusing on a bunch of different questions as we head into 2024 so keep popping in to see what's up next...
Here is the link to our Facebook page where we have a demo video on this topic:

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