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  1. Is that a TIGER in your bag - or are you just pleased to see me?

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    What is it with pet tigers this year?
    The Pet Fairy returned from a week of wandering around waterfalls and tropical veg ... to hear that a Thai woman drugged a tiger cub and put it in her carry-on luggage with a bunch of stuffed toys to try and transport it (via aeroplane)for sale in another country.
    Now - I'm not an expert on airport security checks - but I'm pretty confident that even the most bored security guard in the WORLD would spot a beating heart as it whizzed by the X ray machine! 
    Actually - I'm very pleased that this person WAS this stupid.  Imagine if she'd succeeded? Shudder.  At least this way the tiger cub ends up in the hands of people who are capable of caring for him properly and won't be stuffing him in any tog bags in the near future!  Sighhhhh.  This is definitely the same calibre of person who gets OUT of the car to take a "close up" of a lion in the Kruger park!  Don't laugh - it happens more often than you think!  :)