Winter has arrived!

Time to cuddle up and stay warm!

To help - The Pet Fairy is having a sale of fleece items and other cuddlers (while stocks last of course). 

Let us know if you'd like any...

If you have your eye on any fleece item in the store - and you DON'T see it here on the sale list - ask the Fairy.... she will see what she can do for you!

 CARPET SHARK, TURTLE, HAMBURGER and FISH were all R299 - on sale for R230!

BANANA POUCH was R360 - on sale for R300!

LARGE PUMPKIN POUCH was R399 - on sale for R370!

DOTTED FISH POUCH was R215 - on sale for R199!

2 TUNNEL HAMMOCK was R377 - on sale for R250!

CYLINDER POUCH was R228 - on sale for R190!

ORANGUTANG POUCH was R360 - on sale for R280!

CUDDLE CUBE was R341 - on sale for R299!

CARRY POUCH WITH WINDOW was R299 - on sale for R250!

FUZZY LOUNGE was R320 - on sale for R290!

KUCCI POUCH was R390 - on sale for R250!

NEST POUCH was R182 - on sale for R150!

SUGGIE SACK was R290 - on sale for R260!

9 PIECE CAGE SET was R499 - on sale for R470!