Several rescued birds are looking for loving forever homes.  They have all been rescued from dreadful conditions and will only be rehomed to folk who know about proper diets and enrichment etc.  If you are interested - let the Pet Fairy know?



White-faced silver male, 2 year old Cockatiel. Willow was rescued as a baby and he was hand reared with lots of love.  He is a gentle bird but a bit on the nervous side,  however he responds well to love and attention. Willow is exceptionally beautiful and quite a big, stocky Cockatiel.


Patch Adams


Named after a movie character as you probably guessed.  He is male, 2 years old, white and grey. He was rescued from very poor living conditions and has turned into a friendly, sweet chap. He is the cage mate of Willow and they would need to be adopted together.






Trompie is a 12 year old grey male.  He is not tame. He was rescued during December 2013 and was ill and near death. He is in good health now but is a bit grumpy as one would expect after his ordeal.  He is the cage mate of Levi.



Levi is Trompie's cage mate and they would need to be adopted together.  He is semi tame and is a very talented singer.





Sonja is a Butter Yellow Budgie with a skew wing. Rescued in December 2013, she was sick and dying, but is now healthy and a joy.  She is a special needs bird that has to have her cage padded as she often falls from her perch.


If you think you can offer any of these birds a loving, knowledgeable forever home - email the Pet Fairy ....