If you are reading this - then you are probably already confused about all the conflicting information there is out there about what to feed your Sugar Glider.  Sugar Gliders eat flowers, nectar, eucalyptus sap, acacia gum and a variety of insects in the wild.  Logically then - it would seem that the best diet for your Sugar Glider - would be one that mimics the diet it would have if it was living free!
You've probably also read all sorts of things about how bad extruded pellet diets are for Sugar Gliders (and pets in general).
So why is the Pet Fairy listing GLIDER COMPLETE since it is a pelleted food? 
Simple - GLIDER COMPLETE use the word "pellet" to describe the shape of the food and not the process used to manufacture it! GLIDER COMPLETE is NOT an extruded pellet food. No air has been added in the production process to bulk it up. No cooking has taken place to alter the nutrient content.  No artificial ingredients have been added to prolong shelf life. Best of all - the ingredients include all the good stuff that wild Sugar Gliders enjoy!
As with most animals - variety is key - so you need to change things up by offering fresh fruit and vegetables, live insects, Gliderade, Gummivore Fare etc in addition to GLIDER COMPLETE.

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