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The Pet Fairy is running a competition ....


Answer these 6 simple questions and your name will go into a draw to win the Pet Fairy dog toy of your choice.


  1. What brand of Dog Food do you feed your canine family member/s?
  2. What store do you buy your dog food from?
  3. Why do you buy your dog food from this location?
  4. What size dog food do you usually buy at one time?
    1. 2kg to 5kg
    2. 5kg to 10kg
    3. 10kg to 15kg
    4. 15kg to 20kg
    5. More than 20kg
  5. When do you buy your dog food?
    1. Daily
    2. Weekly
    3. Monthly
  6. If shop X offered to deliver dog food to your door for the same price as you currently pay – would you buy your dog food from shop X?



The competition ends on 31 January 2013.

You can send your answers in via email to [email protected], or via sms or via the Pet Fairy Facebook page.


Please include your name and a contact email address or cellphone number.


The winner will be announced on the Pet Fairy Blog and Facebook page.


Good Luck!


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