Happy New Year!

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No sooner had the fat man and his reindeer galloped off into the night than it was time to welcome in a new year!

The Pet Fairy Staff really enjoyed their first family festive season together. 
On the big day -  Tinkie really showed off her gossamer bow to perfection while Ollie and Druss bore their forced decorative collars with good humour. 
Everyone... had a brilliant time with lots of scrumptios treats, sinews and bones. 
Yuletide joy was closely followed by two emergency runs to the 24 hour vet clinic however.  Tinkie couldn't stop throwing up and, as she got better, Ollie managed to spear his left canine through his own cheek!  Sighh.... All staff are now feeling much better though and are ready to help out with product testing in 2013!  Here's to a fabulous new year everyone!
Drussie was especially impressed by his gift from Mother Nature this year - she has gifted us with two squirrels in our garden.  Drussie has found bucket loads of new energy as he races around the garden protecting us from this invasion of cute-ness.  The squirrels take no notice whatsoever - they are busy figuring out the foraging BALL SKEWER that the Pet Fairy has hung for them - filled to the brim with peanuts....
May 2013 bring everyone lots of cuddles with their furry family members and wagon loads of joy!

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