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The Pet Fairy heard back from Michael (Jhb) who is the proud parent of several male rats:
"I have put the wodent wheel and the turn & learn into the cage. The turn & learn is still completely open, but whatever dry type food that can go in there, I put in one of the cups.

I have hung it quite high in the cage so there is a good stretch and a bit of hanging to get to all the cups. I think that even if when I start closing the cups and find that they do not have the dexterity to open it. I would still keep on using it in the open method to feed them.


After looking at them trying to stretch to the cups and hanging on the side,  but at the same time trying to grab the food inside while also pushing another rat away is quite entertaining. They also do all this but still manage not to fall off......well most times. A few have fallen off but they only fall for about 8 inches. Well....I now realise that rats should not find their food on a saucer all the time.


The wodent wheel is getting off to a bit of a slow start. I have seen a few of them in it running away, but not for very long though.

I think that the wheel will be a bit of a slow adaption for them.

I just wish I had got these toys sooner.


Will definitly be back in a few months for more stuff. "

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