The Pet Fairy meets a Goblin!

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While the Pet Fairy was wandering about the tourist attractions of the area - she and her party happened to come across Goblin's Cove restaurant.  What an amazing experience!
The restaurant itself is a little hobbit-house in the forest.  Since it was a beautiful day - we decided to eat in the garden and discovered that you have to make your way through an inspired maze of tiny rooms - each decorated by fairies and goblins - to get to the garden which is full of gnomes and fairies too.  The food was excellent and very reasonably priced (the hot chocolate was some of the best the Pet Fairy has tasted!), the service was better and the atmosphere and surroundings were sublime!  If you are looking for a fun day out with the family - then Goblin's Cove is the place for you!  The Pet Fairy isn't going to ruin the fun by sharing too much about the place ... but here's a taste of what you could find in the garden if you go for a walk!

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