The Pet Fairy meets a celebrity!

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No ... it wasn't one of the Kardashians!
The Pet Fairy was lucky enough to be invited to the DOG CLUB fun day just before Christmas ....
There were lots of wonderful pets on parade...
Riddick (yes, he WAS named after the Character in Pitch Black!), the gentle Great Dane who took his young owner for "dogback" rides.
A pair of very cute and loving pit bull puppies who kept trying to climb under the table for a bit of shade!
A HUGE iguana who was sunbathing on his owners shoulder - totally unperturbed by the crush of people and dogs all around...
Celebrity guest - BUDDY!  The Boxer from the car adverts currently on all of our TV's!!!  The Pet Fairy was star-struck!  Buddy was not at all stuck-up and was very happy to pose for pictures with fans ... although he couldn't sign autographs - he was very happy to be cuddled by doting fans instead!
tracy buddy

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  1. zonika

    I just lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve buddy i wish i could meet him

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