Door De Kraal Dam - poisoned!

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Door De Kraal Dam is a little haven of natural beauty in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town.  It has long been a secret dog walkers dream and bird watcher's paradise.  During the breeding season the little reed dwelling Red Bishop Birds and Weavers fill the air with their calls and flash brightly around the local neighbourhood.  Ducks, Plovers, Francolin, Guinea Fowl and Geese breed there every year and in certain months - small crabs can be seen running across the path ahead of you! In the early evening or morning the place is awash with the sound of frogs ....
It is the place that Bindi had her first experience of grass and wildlife and where the Pet Fairy carried Drussie when he got too lazy to walk the rest of the way ...
Imagine the Fairy's shock and horror when she popped by for a little nature-fix recently to discover that the powers that be have chopped down most of the reeds - and have POISONED the rest.  There was not a bird to be seen.... debate has been raging in the local Tygerberger newspaper with the powers that be standing by their decision and the local homeowners objecting to the use of poison in a place that used to be a haven for wild things - not to mention their dogs!  The Pet Fairy isn't an expert .... but I do know that ANY kind of artificial chemical being added to an ecosystem is BOUND to kill or mutate SOMETHING which will seriously affect something else and ultimately come back to haunt the perpetrators.... I need no more evidence than that there was not a bird to be seen - Door De Kraal Dam is now a wasteland as opposed to a little bit of paradise.  SHAME on whatever bright spark came up with this ridiculous plan!!!  I wonder if it was the same entity that came up with the ludicrous Baboon Management Policy I mentioned in earlier posts?

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