Puppies rule!

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Tinkie is growing by the day ....
Like most puppies - she ran her way through all sorts of odd ailments for the first few weeks ... but is now happy, healthy and I SWEAR that she grows as you watch her!
She LOVES to play and this has really helped to yank Drussie out of the "needy Ned" phase that he slid into after the death of Bindi .... she simply won't let any of us have any time to wallow! :) 
She has been waging her own personal war on the garden plants and has begun several sizeable excavations to find the elusive mole crickets hiding under the lawn....
Her favourite game is stealing the laundry while Mom is looking the other way!  :) This gave me a brilliant opportunity to try out the SCAT MAT - which worked like a BOMB! 
She makes us all laugh - even when she's doing something she's not supposed to... ahhhh puppies .... what's not to like?

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